MO BLISHEN: Wide Awake And Highly Strung

By Ania Glowacz
This is a very intimate album, specifically on the subject of personal relationships. Mo Blishen is a singer and songwriter who also plays acoustic guitar, tambourine and does her own backing vocals. Here she is joined by Crystal Myers on drums and Nick Straugheir on bass, plus some rhythm guitar. Others contribute guitar on various tracks. Recorded at The House Of Chao and Toi Poneke at the Wellington Arts Centre, the musicianship is simple but full without overembellishment, allowing the lyrics to take centre stage. Blishen has a mid-range vocal style with no extreme highs or lows, and is a storyteller with a few things to say. No obvious bitterness, happiness or sarcasm, but there’s no denying the sentiment on songs such as Letters To My Ex and Weirdo (“What’s going on in your head? How did you come to me you weirdo, how did I not see...”). There is also a love song, Melt (“Inside you make me melt”), and a bonus track about chocolate cake to keep things in balance. This album is open, straightforward and unpretentious. Loosely melodic rock if you need a category. Energy well channelled I’d say. 

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June/July 2014